Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trump: More GOP Candidates Should Exit 2016 Race

At a press conference for the launch of his new book, Donald Trump  called for lower-tier Republican presidential candidates to drop out the race. He said that that the size of the field was inhibiting real questions from being asked during the Republican debates and that he couldn’t understand why lower-tier candidates wouldn’t call it quits, reports WSJ.

“I think he did a really smart thing for himself and frankly other people should get out,” Mr. Trump said about Walker’s decision to drop out in September amid dwindling poll numbers and financial woes. 

 Trump didn’t name individuals who he thought should exit the race, but said that poll numbers should act as a guide for culling the field.

“If a person has been campaigning for four or five months, and they are at zero, or a 1 or a 2%, they should get out,” Trump said during a press conference at his campaign headquarters at Trump Tower. “There are too many people.”

Trump also slammed Marco Rubio,

“Marco is overrated. Frankly had Bush been a better messenger, he has the better message,”  Trump said about the two Florida politicians.

Trump held the press conference at his campaign headquarters to announce the publishing of his new book, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again 

 According to WSJ, fans had started lining up for the book signing before dawn in New York City, and the crowd stretched several blocks.

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