Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Koch Brothers' Greatest Failure

Brian Hulihan writes Lew Rockwell:
Their greatest failure will always be opposing the founding of the Mises Institute. Later they could have repented, asked forgiveness of Rothbard, and done something for him (and Hoppe), but they could not see it. It’s the tragedy of the Kochs.
Charles and David,

There is still time to start to make things right.

Have Richie Fink find Lew Rockwell's phone number and address. Call him, apologize, and send a big fat apology check.



  1. This is the last thing we want to have happen. People hate Austrians and libertarians enough. Having the Kochs start contributing to the Mises Institute would be the kiss of death.

    1. Yeah, I have to agree. The last thing we need to hear is "The koch bros run the mises institute, dont waste your time with them"

      I suppose one could look at it like Ron Paul did about donations, but the koch taint would turn alot of potential young minds away.

  2. Exactly. The Kochs may have the Cato Institute, but apart from the scholars, they have no grassroots following. If they want to leave behind a legacy and be long remembered, support Ron Paul and his people, since they actually have the grassroots. Otherwise, after they die, they will just be forgotten.

  3. I'm sure that Lew would turn down a billion dollar endowment that allowed for any "oversight" by the Koch's.

    If took the money with no strings I wouldn't worry about the SJWs and Keynesian fanboys saying "A-Ha! Gotch!"

  4. Then they should privately consult Rockwell and ask how he'd like them to spend money and then spend it however he says. Never too late to repent. "Nothing says I'm sorry like money."

    Smart people realize when they've made a mistake and they stop making it.