Saturday, November 21, 2015

Prosecutors Want Ron Paul Inc. Operatives Trial to Start a Week Before the New Hampshire Primary

In a new grand jury indictment filed Thursday in federal court in Des Moines, Paul's 2012 campaign chairman Jesse Benton, campaign manager John Tate and deputy manager Dimitri Kesari are charged with conspiracy to cover up $73,000 in campaign payments to former Iowa Sen. Kent Sorenson. Sorenson dropped his support for Michelle Bachmann and endorsed Paul in December 2011, six days before the Iowa caucuses.

According to ABC News, the first court appearance for the three on the new charges is set for Dec. 2. Prosecutors filed a motion seeking a Feb. 8 trial.

The 2016 Iowa caucus is set for Feb. 1. The New Hampshire primary is set for Feb. 9.


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