Monday, November 2, 2015

Producer of ‘The Godfather’ to Produce Television Version of ‘Atlas Shrugged’

Jeff Bezos is John Galt?

Albert S. Rudd, a movie and television producer who lists among his productions, The Godfather and The Cannonball Run, has acquired the rights to produce a television version of the Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged.

Ruddy, who is working up an outline for a writer or writers yet to be named, sees his rendition as a love story, built squarely around its commanding female protagonist, Dagny Taggart, according to NYT.

The main thing, Ruddy told NYT, is to honor Rand’s insistence on making a film for the future. That means redrawing its capitalists and creators, who go on strike against creeping collectivism, as figures more familiar than the railroad heiress and industrial titans who figured in a book that was first published in 1957.

“When you look at guys like Jeff Bezos, he’s not only doing Amazon, he wants to colonize Mars,” Ruddy said.

 He spoke by telephone last week with NYT  of his plan for a mini-series in which an Internet blackout led by Bezos-like figures might shut down cellphones, banks and almost everything else.

,“You shot the book, not the movie,” Ruddy told John Aglialoro, who produced a recent Atlas Shrugged film and who owns the rights to the film, in explaining why he should let  Ruddy try again.



  1. Hey, I would watch this version, as long as Ruddy or his team casts someone like Taylor Schilling as Dagny and not some Hollywood has-been like Samantha Mathis.

  2. Couldn't get any worse than that movie was.

  3. Suggesting a Bezos-like protagonist reveals that Rudd either hasn't read the book or completely missed the point. Maybe Steve Jobs or the founder of Uber but government has become so entrenched I'm not sure there are any suitable examples in todays business world who would do battle with the government.