Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paging Walter Block: Charlie Sheen Says "“We’re Talking About Shakedowns” About My HIV Status



  1. HIV is a harmless retrovirus that causes nothing but fundraisers. It certainly doesn't cause AIDS, which is a definition, not a disease. Check out Peter Duesberg's books and aricles if you want to understand HIV and AIDS.

    1. Jon Rappoport has also done some amazing investigative work on HIV (Startpage his youtube video "the HIV myth") and other historical and recent fake epidemics.

    2. Agree entirely. I learned this from Gary Null. Most people get AIDS from strong drug use and bad lifestyle. AIDS is not contagious just as cancer is not contagious.

    3. Duesberg's book: Inventing The Aids Virus.

      The science does in fact seem highly suspect. And then there is all the money that flows from it. The primary "symptoms" seem to differ greatly depending upon which continent you inhabit. If in Africa, then dysentery plus HIV anti-bodies = AIDS. In the US, Kaposi sarcoma plus HIV antibodies = AIDS. Other continents may differ. Rappoport and Duesberg both note that the tests look for HIV antibodies. Meaning that the body has developed antibodies to fight HIV virus. Just like finding that the body has chicken-pox antibodies. Meaning that the body has developed antibodies to fight chicken-pox.

      The presence of HIV antibodies plus one of a shifting list of symptoms defines AIDS. Since when are migraine headaches on the list? I don't know.

      The science is perhaps not yet "settled", as science never is. It is well worth looking into and it seems that some skepticism is called for.

  2. I read Deusberg's Inventing the AIDS Virus years ago. It is very convincing. However, some of the leading AIDS / HIV deniers have died from AIDS diseases, so I'm not sure what to do with that. One of the most convincing arguments was that AZT, a (formerly) leading drug for treating HIV, was originally designed as a chemotherapy-by-prescription drug for cancer patients. As people destroy their immune system with these drugs, they start to get sick and die from pneumonia, sarkozy sarcoma, and all the other diseases on the long list of AIDS diseases. Another interesting tidbit was that the list of AIDS diseases kept expanding and so it looked like AIDS related deaths were going way up each year, but really it was just they were changing the definition. If you have HIV and die from pneumonia, you die from AIDS, but if you just die from pneumonia, its pneumonia that killed you. As always, government funded scientists have reasons to go with the political flow and support the myth to keep getting grants, just like we have with climate change scientists.