Thursday, November 12, 2015

ISIS Warns 'Blood Will Spill' in Russia 'Very Soon'

Hmm, so Russia has chiefly been intervening in Syria to protect Syrian President Assad, whom the US wants removed, rather than fighting ISIS.

This leads first to an attack on a Russian plane flying out of Egypt allegedly by ISIS, but there have been no attacks against US airlines that fly in and out of Egypt (United, American, Delta JetBlue), despite the fact that the US is directly fighting ISIS in Syria.

Now, we have this latest threat to attack inside Russia. Makes you think that whoever is behind the attacks and threats wants Russia to focus on fighting ISIS rather than protecting Assad.

I wonder who that might be?



  1. That's not the impression that I get. I think that Russia has been actually bombing ISIS while the USA has been hitting empty desert, for the most part.

    1. I would go a step further, not only has the US "not" been bombing ISIS but they have been arming and supplying them.

    2. Yeah, I was scratching my head after this post. The US doesn't want Russia involved, period.

    3. That was my understanding too. If ISIS does attack Russia I would just call it blowback.