Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How Rand Paul Could Have Hit a Home Run in Tuesday's Debate

Professor Rand with pen in hand.
There is no question Rand had a very good debate. He took out Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubino.

It was a double, "Hit high off the wall," as they would say in Fenway Park.

Rand was coached very well. It is the style he should have been using right along. Instead of attacking the personalities and making direct attacks on the other candidates, he is best when he comes across professorial and corrects obvious errors of other candidates like he did with Trump.

His pen waving, which was a bit annoying to me, surely worked with the masses in helping present Professor Rand. It is a bit late in the game for Rand to gain much traction with his new act, but at least it will wipe out the view that he is a buffoon.

That said, his shot at a home run was missed when during an exchange (at the 53 second mark) with Ted Cruz, the moderator Neil Cavuto raised the concern that if Bank America would have been allowed to go under "millions of depositors" would have been at risk. This, of course, is not true because of FDIC insurance. Cruz didn't make this point and in an irritating follow-up John Kasich did not make the point.

Following that exchange, a question went to Rand, where professor like, he could have said, "Just to make clear in the exchange between Mr. Cruz and Mr. Kasich over millions of depositors being at risk, it should have been made clear that small depositors and even mid-size depositors would not have been at risk because of FDIC insurance."

Rand would then have taken out Trump, Fiorina, Rubio, Cruz and Kasich (And the moderator Cavuto).

It is possible at that point that even Obama would have called for a ticker-tape parade for Rand down Pennsylvania Avenue.


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  1. I caught that too, I wanted to inject my one-liner to Kasich: "Congratulations, you just invented the FDIC 80+ years after it's founding."