Monday, November 2, 2015

HOT Ongoing Prosecutor Ron Paul Inc Investigation "Including People Not Charged"

Prosecutors on Monday filed a notice to U.S. Chief District Judge John Jarvey on how they'll handle the undecided charges against Dimitri Kesari, who is caught up in the Ron Paul Inc/Kent Sorenson scandal, but were allowed to file it under seal because it "contains information regarding uncharged persons and an ongoing investigation," reports the Des Moines Register,

Wow, is Dimitri talking? Who are these "uncharged persons?"

Sounds very serious.



  1. I am sure the "uncharged persons" are Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams, unless of course they decide to quit the Liberty Report.

    1. Why do you think they are Paul and McAdams?

    2. I don't think they would have asked Ron Paul if he felt "taken advantage of" on the stand if they had anything on him. Just my opinion.

      The prosecutors are probably pissed that they couldn't get charges to stick on Benton & Tate and now looking around the legal fringes of the entire affair in my opinion.

      "Uncharged persons" could still relate to them, just on different charges.

      Government prosecutors can be pretty vindictive & because there's no profit motive, or financial & time constraints on their activities they can carry personal grudges to extremes that very few could ever do in the private sector.

      Sure, there are some nasty people that can do it in the private sector, throwing tons of money in legal fees to punish people for personal reasons outside of the NAP(think Carl Ichan, Donald Trump, etc.)...using the dysfunctional US "justice" system as a battering ram- but they are still few and far between.

      The government has no such restrictions on time/money, aside from the fact the courts are "theirs" anyway.

    3. I was being funny. "Hey we are going to charge you... Unless of course you stop doing this...