Monday, November 30, 2015

Herman Cain Rips Into Bush; Will Speak at Trump Rally Tonight

Herman Cain has  announced his plans to speak at the Georgia rally on his website, and he used the post as an opportunity to rip into Jeb Bush after the former Florida governor implied that people now leading in the polls could ultimately “flame out” like Cain,m,reports Politico.

Cain responded with Trump-style punches to Jeb's gut.

The post titled “Big talk from Mr. 5.5 percent” starts out:

“Someone should tell Jeb Bush that I’ve accepted an invitation to speak at Donald Trump’s rally this coming Monday in Georgia. I accepted for a simple reason: He asked,” Cain writes. “But Gov. Bush seems weirdly interested these days in the connection – if only in his own mind – between what he thinks happened to me and what he thinks is going to happen to Trump.”

Cain then goes on to explain his past poll standings, why he eventually dropped out of the race, and why Bush's campaign is in need of a major rethink.

“If you want to say I had a ‘fall,’ go ahead, I guess. You can’t fall when you’ve never gotten any higher than the floor in the first place, and that’s the state of the Jeb Bush campaign,” Cain said. “A guy with his name, his money and the team behind him should be one of the top-tier contenders, and he should certainly not be letting Donald Trump wipe the floor with him if Trump is as unserious and unqualified as Bush would have you believe.

Cain also offers some guidance for Bush, saying, "But if I were to give Jeb Bush a piece of advice – not that he probably thinks he needs any from me – it would be to focus on coming up with a rationale for a Jeb Bush presidency. To date, I haven’t heard one that’s got many people very excited. And to judge from the polls, 94.5 percent of Republican primary voters agree with me."

(via Politico)

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