Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gun Free University of Texas Says: This right has now been challenged, assaulted by a toxic ideology of white racism and libertarianism.

Antonia Okafor reports:
On Oct. 29, Gun Free UT released a statement from UT-Austin’s Department of African Diaspora Studies, arguing, “African Americans are disproportionately affected by the saturation of our society by firearms,” and concluding, “[We] demand that firearms be banned in all spaces occupied by Black people on our campus.”

On Nov. 10, Gun Free UT issued a mission statement/legal strategy declaring: “America has all along been about the sheer display of white male power (with guns): over Indians, over slaves, over females, over Mexicans, over Asians, over African Americans, and over Arabs, now [sic] The return of the vigilante movement is a giant, collective white push back against the Civil Rights Movement and against the unintended consequences of globalization, migration, and demography…This is a battle over our individual right to determine the nature of the community of trust within our classroom, well established by constitutional law. This right has now been challenged, assaulted by a toxic ideology of white racism and libertarianism.”


  1. After getting a black president, people are even more unsatisfied with racial equality issues. I thought an Obama presidency would make them feel more at ease. Yet they have so much anger and hate and the whites have so much guilt. What the heck is going on? Is this a CIA black op?

  2. Antonia nails it: "From my perspective, the statement from the African studies faculty is a great argument for campus carry. Criminals who might target me because of my race or my gender — just like the criminals who might target someone because of the person’s religion or sexual orientation — have no qualms about breaking an honor-system-based gun ban. Campus carry isn’t about arming dangerous bigots; it’s about ensuring that I’m able to defend myself if confronted by one.

    Starting next summer, my little brother will be a chemical engineering trainee with NASA. He also happens to be a 6 feet 2 inches and a muscular young man with shoulder-length dreadlocks. I would be na├»ve to say that he has never and will never be profiled, but I understand that society shouldn’t try to protect him by oppressing others. We don’t fix the ignorance of a few by denying rights to everyone. The answer is to respect the rights of law-abiding students of all races, creeds and nationalities, while simultaneously working to cure the causes, not the symptoms, of systemic racism."

    You can't fix rights infringement by rights infringement. You do it by vigorously pursuing rights enforcement for all people. Role modeling behaviors is what's important. Nice job Antonia! There's nothing that destroys stereotypes better than a beautiful, intelligent woman who knows what she's talking about, writes eloquently, and literally, sticks to her guns.

    1. This is the exact argument I give when someone asks me why I carry a gun, among other reasons

  3. Let me get this straight, are they calling for separate but better schools?

  4. "This is a battle over our individual right to determine the nature of the community,......... well established by constitutional law" Oh, no you don't!.Honest Abe made sure of that!!

  5. She must be right, because before there were guns no group ever tried to besiege another