Tuesday, November 10, 2015

For the Record: One of Tonight's Moderators, Maria Bartiromo...

...has never met a member of the establishment elite she didn't like. In her most recent book, she thanked:

Bill Clinton

Jamie Dimon (Head of JPMorganChase)

Barney Frank (Architect of the Dood-Frank Act)

Timothy Geithner (Tool of Wall Street elite)

Ace Greenberg (former Bear Stearns head)

Alan Greenspan (Randian sellout)

Jeffrey Immelt (Head of GE)

Vikram Pandit  (Head of Citi)

Henry Paulson (The former center of Goldman/U.S. Treasury)

David Rubenstein (Co-founder Carlyle Group)

John Mack (Chairman Morgan Stanley)

Mary Schapiro (The head of SEC)

John Thain (Former head Merrill Lynch)

Paul Volcker (Rockefeller tool)

Jack Welch (Former GE head)


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