Friday, November 20, 2015

Ben Shapiro Bombs Mizzou

There were no safe places where you could hide and cower from these mega-bombs.

Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief , syndicated columnist, Editor-at-Large Breitbart , radio host on KRLA and KTIE, NYT bestselling author, spoke at the University of Missouri on Thursday.

"Capitalism is color blind. The only color that capitalism ever cares about is green." - @benshapiro Excellent, excellent quote.

The fuill speech is here.


  1. This dude is a total copsucker. Also, he has written a whole book against porn. What a goober.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this! As for the cop support bit I would like to add that he said he was against the war on drugs. Ending the WoD would restore respect for the cops in poor communities overnight. Poorer communities have a reputation for drug problems and if cops were no longer responsible for policing this 99% of the racist cop labels would drop.