Friday, October 9, 2015

WOW,Chelsea Clinton Asked If Hillary Ever Told Her That Webb Hubbell is Her Father

You really have to want power really bad to subject your kid to this kind of stuff.

Bill and Hillary sat Chelsea down, at an early age, and prepared her for all the vicious things that might be said to her. The "preparation" apparently paid off.

In a new video clip, Robert Murrow, co-author of  The Clintons' War on Women, is seen  asking Chelsea if Hillary ever told her that Webb Hubbell was really her father.

Watch how Chelsea handles the question.



  1. Holy cow, excellent non-denial.

    I do feel bad for her- maybe down the road I won't, but what her parents have done to her by their own actions, the spill off so to speak, is simply horrible.

    It's hard to imagine that she hasn't taken on most of their world views, and she's responsible for her own actions- but it's really sad that she has to deal with this outside of her own actions in the world.

  2. Any normal human being would have been extremely offended and angered by that question. The way chelsea stays on script and coldly answers it goes to show you that these people will say and do anything for power. Scary people.

  3. Murrow's actions, IMO, were in extremely poor taste here.