Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why Megyn Kelly is on the Ron Paul Inc. Operatives Trial Witness List

Megyn Kelly is on the prosecutor's list as a  witness in the Ron Paul Inc. operatives trial in Des Moines, Iowa. Here's why.

During a Dec. 26, 2012, dinner in Altoona, Iowa, Dimitri Kesari, a deputy Ron Paul 2012 campaign manager, gave Sorenson's wife a $25,000 check from the account of his own wife's jewelry store. The campaign also prepared to make a $25,000 wire transfer to Sorenson but scratched it after Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly questioned Sorenson on-air about allegations that he was paid by the Rand Paul camp for his support one day after the switch. Sorenson replied that he was "absolutely not" offered money and that expenditure reports filed with the Federal Election Commission would prove him right. That public denial of payments forced the Paul campaign operatives to find another way to get Sorenson money off-the-books that would not appear in an FEC report, according to prosecutors.

 "They cared more about winning than they did following the law or even the values of their own candidate," DOJ prosecutor Richard Pilger said during his opening statement at the trial yesterday, where Kesari and Jesse Benton are on trial.

She really pushed Sorenson hard here, especially in the second half of the interview.




  1. Notice whenever Sorenson says "no" he shakes his head "yes"

    That's a man who should never play poker.

  2. How is paying a BACHMANN supporter for his approval going to help Ron Paul? Why not spend the money on ads attacking Fox News and the rest of the MSM for suppressing our ideas every day all of the time?