Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why Didn't Rand Paul Cause This to Happen for 'Liberty' and 'Libertarianism'?

Chris Rossini emails:
Just as you predicted 
Bernie Sanders causes searches for 'socialism' to spike on Merriam-Webster


  1. It really hit home for me in the Lew Rockwell interview you linked when he said what a year it would have been for Ron Paul to run... It's a shame what Rand could have been with all that momentum and energy. Instead he decided to prick and deflate it all.

    1. I think Rand's actually hurt libertarianism to some degree even though he's not a libertarian. He was constantly referred to as such in the media and carries the Paul name and the average casual politics watcher never really looks deeper.

      He truly became to libertarians what he feared libertarianism would become to him: An albatross around our necks.

      Anyone want to bet that he eventually blames libertarianism for his failure to resonate with the masses when he finally wakes up and throws in the towel?

  2. It's a great opportunity to write posts on "why socialism doesn't work"