Saturday, October 24, 2015

This is How a Ron Paul Operatvive Lives

Fresh after being acquitted by a Des Moines, Iowa jury and collecting a Rand Paul SuperPac check for $79,681, perhaps Jesse headed home for the weekend to his 6 beds 6 baths 7,653 sqft mansion in Louisville, Kentucky, before heading back to his Washington DC-area apartment.

Got to keep the Rand Paul Pac money coming in---while Rand is still in the race. Or at least try to get some rolling in.



  1. I am glad the jury acquitted him. This was a non victim State charge.
    I don't care what he did or didn't do if there was no victim besides the State, whatever that even means, the State being a victim that is.
    Where he lives, who cares? Should we even judge that? Seems a little like socialist envy to me.
    And for that matter it's relative in this case. A home's square footage?
    If this is his home, it's just a little over half the square footage of my home, which is just under 12,000 sq. ft.. Does that make me a suspect of wrong doing?

    1. You are missing to point. How did you make the money to buy your house?

      Benton did it by being married to Ron Paul's granddaughter. He made crap tons of money running a Paul campaign that was by far mostly founded by a grass routes movement. Benton did very little to help the Paul campaign and most supporters believe he did a lot to hurt the campaign.

      Benton isn't in it because he loves liberty, he is in it because he is a slime ball political operative. And by the insignia next to your name that should really bother you.

    2. Phathead, you express the thoughts of thousands who worked so hard & gave from the heart so willingly, for Ron Paul's campaigns. If the report about the funds given to Titan Strategies gets out, along with images like Benton's house, Rand will only get enough to buy a single-wide from the grassroots for his campaign.

    3. JB, you're missing the point, the issue is that the money came from grass roots people who can't live any where near that good. I've been coming increasingly disillusioned with the whole Ron Paul Inc system. There wasn't anything better about it, in the end it was the same as every other campaign system. Maybe worse because at least for the others the money came from corporate donations and billionaire supporters. Now maybe if Jesse were good at what he does that could lessen the blow, that good help costs money. But performance to money it just makes the whole thing seem like a way to make him and the other operatives rich.

  2. I don't know Benton at all. And you are correct, I despise politics, although I do greatly admire Dr. Ron Paul.
    I just felt Bob was playing to a little class warfare when he put a picture of the house up, (whether or not this was even close to his intention) as if Benton doesn't "deserve it" or that the house in some way shows Benton is a scoundrel. For all I know Dr. Paul might have bought the house for his granddaughter, which he certainly has the right to do.