Friday, October 23, 2015

The Truth About Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan has officially announced he will seek to become the next speaker of the House. He will very likely succeed in gaining the powerful position.

Ryan said he is "eager" to be the speaker of the House, and he believes the House Republican Conference is "ready to move forward as one, united team."

The internal party vote for speaker of the House is scheduled for next Wednesday, and the vote of the full House is scheduled for next Thursday.

Ever since Mitt Romney announced in 2012 that his running mate would be Ryan, the media has been working overtime trying to define him.

The path they've chosen is to paint him as a small-government, free-marketer. Several have hyperbolically tried to even pass Ryan off as a libertarian!

Now that Ryan is likely to become the next Speaker, it is very important to understand the truth about Ryan. The idea that he is some kind of small government advocate is a joke.

Below you'll find all posts that have appeared on EPJ during the time Ryan ran as vice-president in 2012 that discuss his real views.

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