Monday, October 19, 2015

Rand Paul Flip Flops His LGBT Remarks

Imagine my surprise.

Rand Paul "clarified" his comments about LGBT people last week, during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, reports The Advocate.

Rand expressed regret for his choice of words when he originally said, LGBT people should remain in the closet to avoid workplace discrimination.

“I might have been able to word it better, but I don’t think [being gay] should enter the decision at all.” when employment is concerned,, he said.

When Blitzer sought further clarification by asking whether a hypothetical employee fired for being gay should be able to take the former employer to court, Paul said it should be up to the states. “I don’t think the federal government should weigh in on things like this,” Paul said. “It should be decided state by state, and if states want to make that an action for cause, that’s fine.”


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  1. State by state? Complete cop-out. Ask what should the state of Kentucky do? Ron Paul wouldn't have hesitated for a second. He would have said, nobody can use force and violence to prevent free association.