Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pitiful: Rand Paul Raised Only $2.5 Million Last Quarter

Rand Paul will report around $2.5 million in donations to his presidential campaign, a dip from his first quarter, reports WaPo.

Socialist Bernie Sander raised 10 times this amount, without kissing up to the establishment.

Rand raised close to $7 million from April through June.

WaPo's David Weigel comments:

[T]he dropoff from the first quarter, coupled with the troubles of two pro-Paul super PACs, could aid the ongoing efforts of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) to lure supporters into his camp. The weeks between the first and second debate saw one pro-Paul super PAC's leaders indicted, and another (less active) pro-Paul PAC announce that it was pausing its efforts until the candidate improved in the polls.


  1. But what about the Randroids money bombs in Sept.

  2. The writing's on the wall, and I'm not sure why the eye doctor can't read it.