Monday, October 19, 2015

Now, They Are Pounding on Rand Paul in Kentucky

First it was conservative national media brutally questioning Rand Paul's presidential campaign. Now they are doing it Rand's home state of Kentucky.

Sam Youngman writes for the Lexington Herald-Leader:
Jimmy Fallon is making fun of him, his would-be mega-donors and Kentucky Republicans are going on the record to criticize him and a leading conservative voice said it's time for Paul to "take your campaign out back and shoot it."

Paul is even publicly criticizing his own efforts to break through the crowded field and get some attention.

In Iowa last week, Kentucky's junior senator decided to live stream on the Internet a day on the campaign trail. Suffice it to say, it was not a glimpse into the daily life of a happy warrior.

Reading questions from Google about his campaign, Paul read the third most popular question asked: "Is Rand Paul running for president?"

Just wait. The answer was worse than the question.

"And uh, I don't know," Paul responded. "Wouldn't be doing this dumbass livestreaming if I weren't. So yes, I still am running for president. Get over it."

The question after that? "Where is Rand Paul in the polls?"

Having fun yet?
That Paul's campaign appears to be circling the drain is by no means a secret or a surprise.

What is surprising is that he is giving every indication that he intends to stay in the race for "the long haul."

Nobody is happier about that than Kentucky Democrats who, despite their complete focus on the race for governor, are positively giddy at the prospect of a broke, bruised and embarrassed Paul returning to run for re-election with his tail between his legs.


  1. For Ron Paul, we did door knockings every weekend for months leading up to the primary. We did banner waving over highways and set up signs at every polling place. All of this was purely volunteer. I don't see any of this for Rand Paul. His phony libertarian act just isn't inspiring.

  2. Would someone mention this to Professor Block?