Monday, October 5, 2015

"Libertarian" Charles Koch is Featuring a Quote From a Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on His New Book

The new Charles Koch book, Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World's Most Successful Companies, is scheduled to be published on October 13.

The Charles Koch Institute just sent out a notice on the book that features a plug from General Richard B. Myers, USAF, Ret., 15th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Myer officially took the  position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  on October 1, 2001. he served as the principal military advisor to the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council during the earliest stages of the" War on Terror," including planning of the War in Afghanistan and planning and execution of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

On 27 September 2005, only three days before leaving his post as Chairman, Myers said of the war in Iraq that, "the outcome and consequences of defeat are greater than World War II."

What this command killer has to say about Koch's book is pretty bland and plain vanilla:
The ultimate ‘How To' book on running a successful business. ... A must read for those who want to take their enterprise to the next level.
One has to wonder why Meyer feels a need to endorse a Charles Koch book?

Why is "libertarian" Koch waving around an endorsement from the former direct of killing operations for the Empire?

Rand Paul wouldn't even attempt something this horrific, as much as he wants to cuddle up with the establishment.


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