Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It Begins:The Trial of the Ron Paul Inc. Operatives

Jesse Benton, married to a granddaughter of Ron Paul, and Dimitri Kesari go on trial today in Des Moines, Iowa on criminal charges surrounding alleged under the table payments during the 2012 presidential race made to then-Iowa senator Kent Sorenson. The payments were alleged to have been made to induce him to switch his support to Ron Paul from Michelle Bachmann during that campaign.

Kesari is on trial for arranging the payments and Benton is on trial for lying to the FBI about the arrangement. Other charges against Benton and John Tate, another Ron Paul Inc. operative, were dropped on a technicality.

Ron Paul is expected to testify for the prosecution as is his daughter Lori Pyeatt, who was the treasurer of the campaign and is Benton's mother-in-law.


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