Friday, October 9, 2015

GOP Pressure Mounts for Rand to Pull Plug on Presidential Campaign

Here is the first public sign that Republican officials are not happy with the stubborn Rand, who doesn't want to end his presidential campaign.

Politico reports:
Rand Paul is under increasing pressure from Republicans here and in Washington to pull the plug on his stagnant presidential campaign and instead recommit his resources to keeping his Senate seat in GOP hands.
D.C. Republicans think Paul's poll numbers have flat-lined — and operatives worried about retaining control of the Senate are ready for him to start spending a lot more time in Kentucky and a lot less time in Iowa and New Hampshire.
"This presidential dream needs to come to an end," said a national Republican strategist, granted anonymity to discuss Paul's situation candidly. "Senate Republicans can’t afford to have a competitive race in Kentucky."
Paul, however, is showing little sign of giving up. Even with poll numbers so low that he might not appear on the main stage for the third GOP debate and his fundraising slowing to a crawl, Paul has a message for those who say it's time to suspend his run for the White House and focus on his Senate reelection: I can handle both.
Expect the reports on GOP insiders wanting Rand to  abandon his presidential bid to intensify and get much harsher. They are not happy with Rand and view it all as Rand's ego over smart politics.


(ht Jay Stephenson)

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