Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fascinating Matt Drudge Interview With Alex Jones

A rare Matt Drudge interview.



  1. Thanks Wenzel, I come to you for everything now and appreciate the connections. Drudge has his problems, yes, but no doubt he shakes things up.

  2. "Hannity is courageous." - Matt Drudge, 2015, planet Earth

    1. Yeah, he added too many people onto that courageous list and excluded too many, like Ron Paul. But it's better than nothing I suppose.

  3. Very interesting interview. He calls himself a libertarian, that's interesting.

  4. 26:45 Gun confiscation. Drudge comes out and calls Hillary and Obama for the hypocrites they are. Paraphrasing this: "Get rid of your secret service, have no guns around you, let everyone know you have no guns around. You know what would happen in 30 seconds? Both of those people would no longer be on planet Earth. But they want that for us with our guns."

    Matt Drudge is on point. Very nice.