Saturday, October 17, 2015

DRUDGE: Rand Paul Go Back to Kentucky

This is big.

Matt Drudge has never published a link  to a negative Rand Paul story. Drudge has barely covered the indictment and trial of Ron Paul Inc. operatives. The only link has been to a story on how Ron Paul blasted the prosecution for bringing the charges against the operatives.

But this morning things changed.

Drudge has a link on his page with this headline: Concerned GOP push Rand to focus on Senate re-election...

Drudge is as connected to Republican insider circles as you can get. He knows full well what stories they want out there, and what they don't.

This is a major sign that major Republican players believe it is time for Rand to end his flailing presidential campaign.

Rand's failure to fold up the presidential campaign tent now will be seen by Republican players as stubbornness on Rand's part and will make him much more vulnerable to a rival Republican deciding to challenge Rand for the Kentucky US senate seat.

Rand has managed his presidential campaign poorly and if he doesn't pull out of the presidential race soon, he is setting himself up for a new disaster  at the Senate level.


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  1. Rand is a Republican team-player. I think he'll hang it up.