Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dmitri Kesari's Brother Testified for the Prosecution Friday

Ron Paul wasn't the only one required by the government to testify against family members in the trial of the Ron Paul Inc. operatives, so was Dimitri Kesari's brother.

In what I would imagine was a difficult situation, he promptly threw his brother under the bus. The Des Moine Register reports:
Jurors on Friday also heard testimony from Kesari's brother, Pavlo, who owned a video production company that prosecutors claim Kesari originally tried to filter the money through. Pavlo Kesari told jurors that his brother approached him about helping with the payments, claiming that they were for a graphic designer.
"He said he had a graphic designer that needed to be paid (off-the-books) because of internal politics," Pavlo Kesari said. "He didn't get along with people."

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