Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chinese President Snubs Mark Zuckerberg’s Unborn Child

Emily Smith reports:
Chinese President Xi Jinping was in no mood to grant favors at his White House state dinner — not even for Mark Zuckerberg’s unborn baby.

Among the many tech and media titans who were invited, a few who came to kiss Xi’s ring at the Sept. 25 dinner hosted by President Obama and First Lady Michelle also asked for something in return.

Zuckerberg spoke to Xi in Mandarin and asked if he would do him and wife Priscilla the honor of giving the baby she is expecting an honorary Chinese name.

Xi’s terse reply: “No.”

Good for President Xi.

It is good to see a crony capitalist get smacked down by real power.

How does it feel to be treated by the governmnet like the rest of us, Mark?


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