Saturday, October 10, 2015

Charges Against Jesse Benton Were Dropped on a Technicality

More details are emerging on why 4 of 5 charges were dropped against Ron Paul Inc. operative Jesse Benton in his upcoming trial.

It turns out that prosecutors presented information to the grand jury from a proffer given by Benton, which is a no, no. The same occurred with operative John Tate, all charges were dropped against him.

Prosecutors say they will go on with the trial on the remaining charges of perjury against Benton and the numerous charges against operative Dimitri Kesari.

Prosecutors also say they may refile the charges dropped against Benton and Tate, but they won't make that decision until the end of the current trial.



  1. Robert, what do you think the chances are that Ron Paul ("Inc.") paid someone off to get these charges dropped?

    Anyone here, including yourself, has no illusions as to whether such things can be done. Charges magically disappearing right before the trial? Sounds like someone blinked somewhere. Technicalities often go unnoticed. Just ask Martin Armstrong.

    What do you think? What's the pressure on Ron Paul from his grand daughter going to look like to get her husband Jessie off the hook? After all why wouldn't he do it? Doesn't he love her?

    1. "What's the pressure on Ron Paul from his grand daughter going to look like to get her husband Jessie off the hook? After all why wouldn't he do it? Doesn't he love her?"

      Given the compassion Ron Paul has shown towards even Ben Bernanke, it seems ridiculous to suggest Ron Paul doesn't love his grand daughter.(if that's what you're doing)

      What is he supposed to do? Lie to the Feds? He would be committing an illegal act in doing that or paying them off.

      Even if you and I don't think either should be a crime, it doesn't matter. Ron Paul has the rest of his family to take care of, including his wife.

      Put yourself in his shoes- The Feds confront you with evidence that your grandson in law did something illegal and tell you if you don't testify you'll end up in jail- at 80 years old?

      Also, even if Ron Paul agrees with you and me that bribing someone for an action that doesn't violate the NAP isn't a "crime", I highly doubt he would approve of the action if Benton had come to him in advance given Ron Paul's character.

      So in the end, an 80 year old patriarch of a family shouldn't have to suffer for the stupid mistake of an grandson in law that was made without his knowledge in my opinion. If Ron Paul would have known, you can be absolutely sure the Feds would have charged him.

      Even further, I'm being exceptionally generous to that idiot Benton because I think there's a good chance that towards the end of Ron Paul's run for 2012 he might have been actively working against Ron Paul's me a conspiracy theorist or a kook....but the signs were there to me. In the very least, Benton's incompetence lead to a less than stellar 2012 it doesn't surprise me that he'd pull a bone headed move like this.

    2. Still seems fishy. Charges magically dropped right before the trial is to begin.

      Seems that the charges were some kind of bargaining chip, and whatever the Feds were after, they got.

      I completely agree that Benton is an idiot. Or worse.