Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Donald Trump-Ben Carson Ticket?

Donald Trump just got asked if he would team up with Ben Carson.

“We’re not as different as people think,” Trump said according to InvestmentWatch.

IW continues:
Even though they are vying for the top spot among the large field of GOP nominees, neither Donald Trump nor Dr. Ben Carson are attacking each other on the stump. In fact, both continue to have kind things to say about the other; and this week, Trump has once again noted that he could easily see a place for Carson in a Trump administration.
In the usual course of primary politics, the top two in the polls are often at each other’s throats and trying to undercut each other to gain traction. But not in the case of Donald Trump and Ben Carson. At least this far into the primary race, it has definitely not been politics as usual for Trump and Carson.
This week, Trump is once again bucking the ‘business as usual’ style of politics by insisting that he could easily see Ben Carson as his vice presidential candidate.

“We’re not as different as people think, we have a very good relationship,” Trump told CNN this week. “There is a particular different style. I have some great assets and he has some great assets. But we are both resonating, there is no question about that.”

Trump then reiterated that he and Carson like each other, and when asked if he could see Carson as his VP candidate, Trump said it is an “interesting” suggestion and that “stranger things have happened.”

Trump remains very unpredictable, and thus very dangerous from a libertarian perspective. See Laurence Vance on Ben Carson.



  1. Wow. From a political perspective, what a hell of a ticket.

  2. Authoritarians of the same wing tend to like each other

  3. I doubt Trump wants anything to do with Carson. What a great ploy to win over Carson voters who may think Trump has a better chance at winning than their guy, but gee our guy will be the Vice President.