Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trump Says He Has ’Hundreds of Millions’ in Cash

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says Forbes is “wrong” to estimate he has around $327 million in cash.

 “But I have a lot of cash,” Trump says in interview published by CNBC . “If I had, I think -- I’m not going to tell you how much cash I have, but I have hundreds of millions of dollars of cash.”

Trump also takes issue with Forbes estimate of his net worth, $4.5 billion, saying, “They don’t really know my assets very well” “I’m doing deals right now -- in fact, when I leave you, I’m signing a branding deal that’s a phenomenally tremendous, hundreds of millions of dollars in value, all because of my brand,” Trump says.

Trump says he is worth $10 billion.

(via Bloomberg)


  1. I wonder of the black ops government is afraid of Trump, and if so what their plans are.