Saturday, September 26, 2015

Questions to Ask Rand Paul on the Campaign Trail

I frequently get asked by readers, especially those in Iowa and New Hampshire, what questions they should ask Rand Paul when they see him on the campaign trail.

As a follow up to my post, The Campaign That I Would Have Liked To Have Seen Rand Paul Run, here are questions I would like to see asked of Rand.

1. If a bill was put before you for vote in the Senate for an immediate across the board 25% tax cut, would you vote for it?

2. Will you pledge that, if elected, on your first day as President you would pardon all non-violent prisoners who are serving in Federal prisons for marijuna related crimes?

3. As Commander-in-Chief would you order all military personnel to return from foreign outposts?

Here are more questions, I would like to see asked of Rand.

4. Do you believe the minimum wage should be abolished?

5.Would you pardon Chelsea Manning and, if charged, Edward Snowden, if you became President?

6.Would you nominate Joe Salerno for head of the Federal Reserve, if the seat becomes vacant?

7. Are you in favor of ending all federal government funding of education?

All libertarians know how these questions should be answered from a libertarian perspective. I believe that Rand would not answer any of these from such a perspective. Rand is just another politician and, if he doesn't go into a Janet Yellen dehydration moment, he will answer the questions like any other politician.  There is nothing special about Rand. Indeed, with his value added tax proposal, he is worse.

Here's one more question that should be asked of Rand, just to show how much he is willing to support the establishment. Ask him if he supports those calling for Mitch McConnell to leave his position as Senate Majority leader.

If you do get to ask Rand one of these questions, please try and record the Q&A for posting here at Target Liberty.


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