Monday, September 14, 2015

Jail Kim Davis!

I see where a deal has been reached and Kim Davis has been released from jail.

I never had any problem with Davis being jailed. However, I thought the charges were wrong.

She shouldn't have been jailed for refusing to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. She should have been jailed for recording, for the state, heterosexual marriages, granting state issued marriage "licenses" and using taxpayer money on top of it to do it.



  1. I concur. She is aiding and abetting a criminal organization.

  2. If I were a marriage licensor, I would have given licenses to anyone who came in. If a guy and his dog came in, a polygamous couple, a single person, a person and a suspension bridge, two birds, whatever.

  3. But if she is to be jailed there is a whole long list of people in front of her who commit real criminal aggression and violence against others. Pretty much all of congress, all former presidents, all the other mucky-mucks who work for the executive office, most of the people in the military... she's small beans.

  4. Will she be jailed in a Libertarian private law society that was transported to earth from the Mind's Eye?
    Scotty, don't forget, first, beam away the state, but leave the Biatch!