Saturday, September 12, 2015

EXPOSED How Commie Bernie Sanders Treats His Employees

Vermont's Seven Days reports
According to some who have worked closely with Sanders over the years, "grumpy grandpa" doesn't even begin to describe it. They characterize the senator as rude, short-tempered and, occasionally, downright hostile. Though Sanders has spent much of his life fighting for working Vermonters, they say he mistreats the people working for him.
"As a supervisor, he was unbelievably abusive," says one former campaign staffer, who claims to have endured frequent verbal assaults. The double standard was clear: "He did things that, if he found out that another supervisor was doing in a workplace, he would go after them. You can't treat employees that way."...

"Bernie was an asshole," says a Democratic insider who worked with Sanders on the campaign trail. "Just unnecessarily an asshole."
(ht Jason Peirce)


  1. Being a typical commie, he'd probably have them shot if he could.

  2. Most lefties I know have nasty characters.

  3. Nothing new here. These lefties are the biggest hypocrites you will eve know.

  4. Grandpa Sanders? He's just a cuddly old man who wants to give everybody a hug.

  5. If Sanders was as unprofessional as described in these commentaries, I wonder why NO charges were ever filed. To post it on a forum such as this reeks of a disgruntled person, who needs someone to blame for their plight in life. So, unless there is credible proof of these allegations I will dismiss every word.

    1. All laws are selectively enforced based on who a person is, who his friends are, and/or who his enemies are. Filing charges usually follows along the same lines because that defines who is believed and who is not.

  6. OK - so this is the big scandal to attack Bernie Sanders with? After 30 years in politics you dug up 2 people with a beef? Good job. Two needles from a huge haystack.

  7. I'll take the guys at their word about Sanders but could it be that the notorious Clinton Gang did a bit of per$uading due to his recent rise in the dummycrat polls?