Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ben Carson's Foreign Policy

Ben Carson was in San Francisco yesterday. He was in town for an interview at the Commonwealth Club and later spoke separately to reporters.

I report on his economic views at here.

This post will be about his foreign policy perspective. And to be polite about it, the man is serious about using US military force around the world..

With regard to the Iran deal, he said it was a big mistake and if he becomes president it will have no standing.

His general world view seems to be that global jihadists want to destroy our way of life. "There goal is to destroy us," he said. Talking like Bush 2, he said, "They hate our way of life." He seemed to have no sense that any of the attacks against US installations may be blowback for US excursions by the Empire.

During the press conference. when a reporter asked him about sending American troops into harms way to battle overseas, he answered this way:


At least, he displayed  a bit of sanity when a reporter asked him if the US should get involved in the current refugee crisis in Europe:

For his economic policy see here.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, seems like a wonderful neo-con moron. "I'd get the economy running".
    With great policies like eliminating taxes? Haha
    I have zero respect for Americans who think jihadists will take over America and kill us if we don't go kill them. It's so ignorant, I refuse to give them any of my precious time. Bye Ben.
    Pretty sure this is working like last time, one candidate is pushed up, for no reason at all, cause they are all idiots, then they are swept away until, oh my goodness, Romney is all there is left! In this case Bush of course.