Sunday, August 2, 2015

BREAKING Obama Has Authorized the Use of Air Power in Syria... defend a new U.S.-backed fighting force in Syria should it come under attack from Syrian government forces or other groups, reports WSJ.

The move, according to the a paper, could increase the risk of the U.S. coming into direct conflict with the Assad regime.

WSJ reports that, under the new rules of engagement, the Pentagon would only be authorized to conduct so-called “offensive” air operations in Syria in support of the newly trained force when it engages in fighting Islamic State militants.

The new rules won’t allow U.S. air power to be used in support of offensive operations against the Assad regime, officials said. The Pentagon-backed force has been explicitly directed not to conduct offensive operations against the regime.

The Pentagon, however, would have more leeway to use air power in so-called “defensive” operations should the new force come under attack while operating in northern Syria.



  1. Now, HOW THE HELL, can a military, lethal, entity pretend to be non-aggressive, and should expect dispensation as a non aggressive force, while shooting down all who fly in another SOVEREIGN NATION !!!.

    I welcome the Peoples Republic of China's Air Force to enforce "free fly " zones over AMURRICA!!

  2. is that the US backed fighting force who's leader and deputy were kidnapped by Jahbat Al Nusra? and might be as many 54 fighters strong?