Friday, July 24, 2015

WaPo: "Trump Wears White Golf Shoes to Tour U.S.-Mexico Border"

James Hohmann at WaPo writes:

Trump wears white golf shoes to tour the border

Donald Trump’s three-hour trip to this border town yesterday was just as much of a chaotic whirlwind and media circus as you’d expect. More than 100 reporters from around the world chased after him. The police blocked off roads, including the interstate, for his presidential-style motorcade. Trump claimed that he was risking “great danger” to be here, but he would not elaborate on why he thought so. During a joint press conference, the city manager said he does not think the border wall proposed by the Republican presidential hopeful is necessary. Asked if that might change his thinking, Trump said: “Not at all.”...

 Notably, Trump made it through the whole day without having to talk even once about John McCain. Because he does not play by the rules of a traditional politician, it is easier for him to weather media firestorms. He’s not dependent on donors to fund his campaign, so he does not need to worry about cash drying up. We’ll see whether upcoming polls show his support dropping off, but there’s nothing to indicate that the media is about to scale back its coverage. That means Trump will continue to have oxygen, and it suggests that saying the Arizona senator is not a war hero may not have been as fatal as some thought at the start of the week.

Trump again showed he can drown out everyone else. Half of all the national conversation about 2016 focused on Trump yesterday, a very, very high share. This graph from our analytics partners at Zignal Labs show just how much he dwarfed everyone else:

...Spanish-language media is covering Trump at saturation levels. I was struck by how many of the Latino protesters awaiting him at the airport actually think he either is, or will be, the Republican nominee. A lot of that’s driven by the news coverage they’re seeing. Both major Spanish-language channels led their evening newscasts with Trump’s visit to the border. Univision gave six minutes of coverage to Trump, and Telemundo devoted 9 minutes. No other presidential candidate was even mentioned, according to Ed O’Keefe. Univision later had a story about a Guatemalan immigrant beat up Sunday in Brooklyn by two white guys who haven’t been caught. The victim said in an interview he thinks his attackers were inspired by Trump.


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