Sunday, July 19, 2015

Trump Won't Apologize to McCain

The Republicans are learning just how tough a guy Donald Trump is.

It should not be forgotten that Trump's top lawyer, until his death from AIDS, was the very tough Roy Cohn.

Cohn and Trump were probably two peas in the same toughness pod, but no doubt Trump learned some advanced toughness lessons from Cohn   -and they were close.

From Citizen Cohn by Nicholas von Hoffman:
Every famous client made him [Cohn] famous and none more so than Donald Trump. The Trump - Roy relationship was the mixture of business and social which Roy sought, and while some people around Roy dismissed Trump as a "user," he stuck by Roy to the end tendering him a farewell dinner in Florida in March 1986. Jay Taylor was Roy's companion for the night and remembered the evening with admiration for the billionaire client:  "The first of March was the night we had dinner at Donald Trump's. The dinner was in honor of Roy and the guest list was Donald and Ivana... She was always very nice to me by the way and so was Donald... Jerry Finkelstein and his wife and Andy Stein [Manhattan borough president and Jerry's son], Lee Iaccoca... The place settings were astronomical. The candelabra  more than I'm going to make in the next 6 months. Gold, everything. I was sitting at a $200,000 - a - place setting at dinner. A great dessert; I had two of them. It was ice cream in almonds... You have to slice it within 3 minutes or it all melts. It was fun like we all gave tribute. 'I'd like to thank Roy.'  They all knew. It was obvious at that time that he was going  and let's hurry up and  give him a dinner and thank him. That's how it appeared to me."  It appeared to Trump's biographer that early in the real estate man's career "Roy Cohn was obviously a social asset"in getting Trump the entree he sought.
Most of the 14 other GOP candidates have condemned Trump’s remarks about McCain, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry who are calling for Trump to quit the race.

But Trump displayed his Roy Cohn-toughness. “I'm certainly not pulling out,” Trump told ABC. “I'm leading and I'm leading in many states.  … ”

“This whole thing was brought up by a lot of the people that are competing against me currently that aren't even registering in the polls,” he said.

Trump is right about that. He is uncontrollable and the establishment doesn't like that.  The establishment will not stop going after Trump. The question really becomes: "Hw far will they go?"


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