Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trump and Mussolini

I continue to see similarities between the two.

From The Pope and Mussolini by David I. Kertzer:
Mussolini felt that nothing was impossible if he willed it. Italy could become one of the world's great nations if Italians followed his orders...The master of bombast...
Enrico Caviglia wrote:
In his speeches, Mussolini rambles. expressing commonplaces in dramatic fashion...He addresses the ignorant masses, and speaks for them...he seems like a circus ringmaster. 
Then, of course, there is the similar thinking on healthcare  by Trump and Mussolini.

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  1. Bob, I see your point, but I dont see alot of difference bewteen Trump and Obama, or Hillary for that matter, except maybe the things they would ram down our throats, policy wise. In the last election cycle Hillary said "we need and CEO of the economy". Obama is king of the excecutive order. Remember Bubbas "stoke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool" comment? They all seem to have similarities with Mussolini. With Trump at least we get some entertainment value or our tax dollar.

  2. How about Trump and Berlusconi?

  3. It seems like most people agree with politicians' top-down approach, they just disagree on the details. But if most people knew basic economics, they would quickly adopt a bottom-up approach and see politicians for the power hungry people that they are, and then start supporting only free market principles. Economics is the key, but maybe from a PR/marketing perspective, we shouldn't call it 'economics' because that term doesn't sell. We have to come up with a different name and then make youtubes educating the masses.

  4. That's a great observation. Does anyone know how to make custom pasta shapes? We could make little Trump heads with Mussolini's hat and call them Trumpolini.

    1. lol...that's pretty funny. Kudos to you.

      I agree with limelemon above in regard to many of the people wanting a "top-down approach".

      The thing is, you have to differentiate how such a notion is applied versus just doing away with it entirely.

      For example:

      If I get choose my boss and enter into a contract voluntarily to work for him because I believe he's a good leader and will make the right choices that will enable me to make more money working for him, what's the problem with that? That could be argued is an endorsement for a "top down" approach.

      Those that aren't natural leaders but have other valuable skills make such decisions regularly.

      On the other hand, government is if the same people vote to force a leader upon everyone- they have to realize what they are doing - the distinction between voluntary & involuntary seems paramount. (the NAP)

      It's not that "top down" or "bottom up" is THE solution or's the whole nature of involuntary interaction...or the lack of free markets.

      I could make a case for "bottom up" or "top down" for different scenarios...but there is no moral case to be made for involuntary relationships between humans.(setting aside for a moment the always controversial parent/child relationship, or caretaker roles for the mentally ill, retarded, etc., which is separate debate/issue)

  5. "Hitler was the first rock star" - David Bowie

    People like Trump because they like imagining being him. Rockstars get away with outrageos behavior because their fans project themselves onto the star , so to restrain the star is to restrain the fan. This guy is dangerous. The establishment posse is at least restrained by the need to fulfill obligations to each other and allow each other room to operate. He doesn't owe any favors and he doesn't care about what anyone else has going on on the side.

    But I'll bet Putin is licking his chops.

  6. i would like to see old newsreels of a swaggering mussolini next to a swaggering trump is that possible?