Monday, July 6, 2015

Ted Cruz Stunning Money Raise

Ted Cruz on Sunday announced that he had raised more than $51 million in his first few months as a presidential candidate, split between his official campaign and the super PACs supporting his 2016 bid, reports Politico.

For the campaign itself, Cruz said he had taken in more than $14.2 million from over 175,000 contributions, averaging $81 each. The campaign claimed to have more than 120,000 unique donors.

 Cruz’s super PACs previously announced $37 million in donations.

There have been some remarkable money raises across the board from Bernie Sanders to Ben Carson, but the Cruz raise tops them all.

There is still no word from the Rand Paul camp as to how Rand's 5 emails a day, asking for contributions from his father's supporters, has worked out for him.

Given that Rand had his father's base, to raise money from, it should give Rand a tremendous money raise edge over Cruz, Carson etc. But Rand so far is oddly silent about his first quarter money raise.


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  1. RW - as someone who knows a thing or two about email, I can assure you that most of Rand's messages hit the spam folder, and have since shortly after he started pirating Ron's lists. User complaints are the reason for this. I've been watching for quite a while now :)