Monday, July 13, 2015

LAPD Use Desperate Females Begging For Rides to Entrap Uber Drivers

Welcome to the evil police state (LA edition)

An innocent woman in need frantically flags you down, begging you for a ride.

Despite not going through the Uber app, she tells you she's in a hurry, asks you to book the ride on your own phone and begs you to drive "across the street" to her friend.

When you comply, all the sudden you're surrounded by a gang of cops who accuse you of acting as a "bandit cab" driver -- someone who takes money under the table for rides, rather than funnel cash through Uber and in turn, the state's taxing authorities -- then you're placed under arrest and your car is impounded. This is the tactic the LAPD is using to bust unsuspecting Uber drivers on petty statute violations.




  1. Collectivism and its conjoined twin statism always make people distrustful of each other, destroying societal bonds and whatever virtue people innately had.

  2. Entrapment is a favorite and logical tactic of the state goons regarding victimless crimes.

    In the 70's the cops in my hometown went undercover for several evenings selling pot to people on the street and then arresting them. The local TV station filmed it and presented it on its nightly news program, not as an exposé of police corruption but as an example of the police effectively fighting crime.