Friday, July 17, 2015

Jesse Ventura Backs Bernie Sanders for President

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura says he’s backing  Sen. Bernie Sanders in his bid for president. In a blog post on his independent media site, Ventura praised Sanders for challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination.

“I think what Bernie Sanders is doing is extremely healthy,” Ventura wrote. “I love the idea of somebody throwing a fly in the ointment.”

I'm not surprised. Listen to my interview of Jesse Ventura on the Robert Wemzel Show, where we debate Gay Marriage & Discrimination.

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(via MPRNews)


  1. I heard Ventura in an interview last night, where he said that the downturn of 2008 was the result of unregulated capitalism. Not a word for word quote, but he said," Capitalism is good, but not extreme capitalism, it has to have some regulation". Or maybe the word was within perimeters. He said the same thing also about socialism, although he didn't actually say that socialism was "good".

  2. I used to like Ventura but I think it was either your interview or an interview he did with Kokesh that made me turn on him. Guy considered himself a libertarian but he didn't pass the smell test.

    1. That was RW's interview I believe. Ventura quit the interview early if I recall. He's an intellectual coward. But he was a Navy Seal apparently. That just goes to show you U suppose.