Saturday, July 4, 2015

Canadian Libertarian Leadership Suspends Anti-Feminist Candidate

Libwaps have surfaced in Canada.

The Libertarian Party of Canada is in turmoil following the bizarre suspension of Lauren Southern, one of the party’s most visible and popular candidates, at the behest of a small group of aggrieved feminist activists, reports Breitbart.

Members and candidates are now in open revolt amid concerns that the party has been co-opted by a small group of left-wing culture warriors whose socially authoritarian agendas are alien to the majority of libertarians and toxic to the general public, continues Breitbart..
Southern, a libertarian activist and commentator for The Rebel Media, rose to global prominence last month when a video emerged of her challenging feminist campaigners at a “Slutwalk” demonstration in Vancouver.
The footage showed her holding up a sign proclaiming “there is no rape culture in the west” and telling feminists at the protest that far from being protected, rapists in western countries tended to be prosecuted and jailed.
When Breitbart's Allum Bokhari asked party leader Tim Moen to explain his reasons for suspending Southern, his answer was clear: she was bad for the party’s image.


  1. And gaining power is more important than truth. Politics. One reason I can't stand the libertarian "party", especially Alaska's. Statist lite.

    1. Plus, there is the wonder of personal fiefdoms in party politics.

  2. You always become what you hate.

  3. The evidence of futility of embracing the political system, where "winning" becomes so important that establishment politics take over and political correctness will kill off principles.

  4. Never court the left. They're bullies. Face them down and they will wilt or their heads will explode for all to see.

  5. Looks like Canada lost a libertarian party, and gained a Cultural Marxist party.