Monday, June 22, 2015

Univ. of Maryland Feminist Professor Calls for 'Men Control' Legislation

A women’s studies professor at the University of Maryland, College Park has used her Twitter account to call for legislation to restrict the actions of males because of their masculinity, reports The Daily Caller..

Below is a screenshot of Professor Ashwini Tambe's May 2014 tweet demanding “men control”:

According to her faculty webpage at the University of Maryland website, Tambe specializes in a handful of areas including “transnational feminist theory” and modern South Asian history. The focus of her academic career is the regulation of sexual practices in South Asia.

Central planners are haters.



  1. With women like this, misogyny almost becomes common sense.

  2. This nonsense is like calling for "black control" after Ferguson/Baltimore and should be treated as such. Unfortunately there's too many nutcase professors spreading this evil white male garbage to keep track of.

  3. Something tells me this is not really about men with guns, but rather deep down she hates the fact that it's a mans world. How else can one account for the spouting off of such intellectual claptrap?

  4. Tambe would humbly bow down to serial killers like Victoria Nuland, Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Conoleezza Rice, and Madeleine Albright; as she would inevitably see them as fine examples of what women could be without men restraining their innate talents.

  5. Looks like feminism is taking off the mask. This fits with the interesting history lesson I came across:

  6. Oh yeah. It turns out they were against male domination only because they wanted the power. They want to do the discriminating for a change. Same ole song and dance.