Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trump is Crushing the Social Media Scene

Via NyPo:
Facebook reported Wednesday that 3.4 million people shared information about Trump 6.4 million times in the 24 hours after he tossed his hat in the ring.
That made Trump a hotter candidate on Facebook than any other Republican — and tops among all contenders, except Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had 4.7 million people interacting 10.1 million times after her speech last weekend on Roosevelt Island.
By comparison, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who announced his campaign this week, had just 493,000 people communicating on Facebook, with 849,000 messages.
Ted Cruz, a first-term Texas senator who is a Tea Party favorite, had 2.1 million users corresponding 5.5 million times.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had 695,000 people interacting 1.3 million times.
Trump also cleaned up on ­another media metric — Google searches, a fact his campaign touted Wednesday.
Trump was the most searched GOPer in every state the day of his announcement, and his “search interest” — percentage of national queries for the hour after he announced — was 87 percent.
“Comparatively, another GOP candidate also launching his campaign this week registered just 13 percent interest the previous day,” his camp noted, in a reference to Bush.


  1. As Lew Rockwell has pointed out, Trump is a crony capitalist statist but it's obvious he's driving the establishment nuts. They don't like him making a joke out of the system. If he wins or stays up in the polls for a long period of time, they will go into panic mode because it will mean that heavy media criticism and trying to manipulate the public through late night comedy shows doesn't work. I

  2. The Hollywood Reporter claims Trump paid actors (extras) $50 each to cheer him on.