Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rick Perry's Big Puff of Smoke

By Chris Rossini

Rick Perry is putting on a little anti-Wall Street show for Joe American voter. BusinessInsider tells us that Perry has a simple answer on how to deal with the moneychangers:
"Regulate them," Perry said.
Oh how original. Wall Street must be shaking in its boots.

The financial industry already has tens of thousands of regulations (literally) on the books. If Perry really wanted to scare the pants off the banksters, he would call for the immediate removal of all monopoly privileges granted by the government. Money and banking would henceforth be subject to the marketplace.

"Regulate them" is nothing but an insult to Joe American's intelligence.

Perry blows some more smoke for Joe:
"I think Americans are fed up — I am — with Wall Street getting treated specially," Perry said.

"I believe in the bankruptcy laws in this country," Perry said. "There is nothing too big to fail in my opinion, when it comes to big banks, big corporate entities."
There's a simple trick to figuring out that Perry is full of baloney....his militancy when it comes to foreign policy. You see, U.S. foreign policy is the ultimate "too big to fail" and Perry is very vocal about throwing more money (and more lives) at the adventures in order to keep them going.

Who do you think finances the military adventures that Perry champions? The very banksters that he's pretending to take a stand against.

Perry is no threat to Wall Street, and his pandering to Joe American is nothing but a big puff of smoke.

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