Sunday, June 14, 2015

BAHM: Glenn Greenwald Takes on Sky TV


  1. Glenn is a standup guy. It's also great that his intellect is razor-sharp, and he instantly senses the B.S. that the "reporter" is trying to sell.
    A true hero of mine. As is Snowden.

    1. Yep. He consistently destroys people in debate on most topics. It seems to me that it's been claimed that he's Left leaning before, but in his Wiki bio he seems to claim he's Constitutionalist.

      It's an incredible statement that someone with such a background chooses not to live in the US, under the Constitution, which he argued in defense of.

      He was so committed he defended a white supremist....yet he himself is homosexual...and you know deep down was probably revolted by his viewpoints but understood the importance of the First Amendment in his worldview. (and this isn't an endorsement of the Constitution by me, just an observation)

      You can see why he was a successful litigator. He really is brilliant in debate.

      I wonder if Lew Rockwell ever had a chance to talk economics with him to try to push him fully into our camp. It seems like discussion revolve solely around government misconduct, foreign policy, etc.....but because those topics are so "in the moment" they take up all the time in interviews.

      I have to believe that if Lew, Block, Raico, etc. could get their hands on him intellectually for a couple of hours they could push him into our camp economically as well.