Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You Can't Hate Gays or Transvestites in San Francisco, But You Can Hate Progress

Mises Institute president Jeff Deist notes:
Non-diverse People Ruining San Francisco’s Mission District

The New York Times readership ordinarily thinks soy lattes are a good thing. But they’re not so good when being served in trendy new coffee shops to the wrong kind of people– i.e. white people who can afford rapidly rising rents– in San Francisco’s Mission District.
The Mission prides itself on its working class residents, mostly (until recently) Mexican and Central American immigrants and their first-generation offspring. But neighborhoods change, especially in expensive progressive cities where every un-gentrified block is ripe for hipster takeover. And the Mission itself was once mostly Irish and Jewish before it was Hispanic. But having a bunch of rich white tech kids move in is really too much for the Times.The gentrifiers are “bleaching” the local culture.
Whites don’t bring diversity, I guess.
San Francisco is changing at a remarkable pace. Ten years ago the city was filled with homeless, but now it appears the city is applying the Rudy Giuliani treatment to the homeless. I still have no idea what Giuliani did with NYC's homeless, but he sure did get them off the streets. The same thing is now happening in SF. There are still quite a number of homeless around, but every day it seems there are a few less.

There is a new energy in the city, with not only whites, but Indians and Asians bringing new ideas and a challenging environment of progress that will eventually raise everyone's standard of living, perhaps around the world.

There is, of course, some misdirection of funds into projects that wouldn't occur, if it wasn't for the mad Fed money printing, but there is also an underlying positive secular trend.

The hate against progress will be diluted more and more in the area, over time, as the creators take over.

It is an exciting time to be here and I have to admit I am getting caught up a bit in the enthusiasm myself. I just signed a lease for office space in one of the new high rises that won't be available for occupancy until August. When the real estate broker took me up to the uncompleted  floor where my offices will be, he told me to look up toward the ceiling and look at the cross steel frame to get an idea of where the walls to my office are going to be.

Since, I would not exactly classify my mind as visionary artistic, I have really no idea what I am getting, but the building has all sorts of very high tech gadgets and a cool view. It's the future!


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