Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Dazed & Confused Left

By Chris Rossini

When it comes to understanding basic economics, free markets and private enterprise, believers in the religion of the left are notoriously dazed & confused.

The left's cult leaders feed the confusion because it perpetuates their power.

For example, here is Hillary Clinton complaining about detention centers for immigrants:
“A lot of detention facilities for immigrants are run by private companies, and they have a built-in incentive to fill them up.”
Detention facilities are not a market service. They are created purely for government enforcement. In a free society, people can come and go as they please, so long as they do not trespass on someone's private property. They would also be able to work for whoever they please, as long as both they and their employer voluntarily agree to the terms.

Instead, we have arbitrary "borders" where governments mark-off "turf" like a wild dogs. Governments then creates more rules than even they know how to enforce. One thing is for sure. They want to tax as many as possible who come onto their turf.

Things called "detention centers" pop-up. People that are on government's arbitrary turf, but are not being robbed by taxation, are apparently deserving of a "detention."

These "detention centers" are private in name only. These are not created for consumers, but are an extension of government.

Hillary bamboozles her flock into thinking that these "private companies" are evil because they have a "built-in incentive" to populate the centers.

But where does the "incentive" come from?

Hillary tells her dazed & confused audience:
“There is a legal requirement that so many beds be filled. People round up people in order to get paid on a per-bed basis. That just makes no sense to me.”
Government requires the beds to be filled!

Government makes the "legal requirement"!

Hillary's congregation no doubt left their bamboozling session believing that these evil private companies, who care about nothing but profits, must be stopped.

Their leader will come to the rescue.

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