Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SERIOUS: WaPo's Dana Milbank Says Rand is Flopping

This is not exactly going to boost Rand's DC power ranking by those who are interested in such things.

The important DC columnist writes in an opinion piece titled, The decline of Rand Paul:
Rand Paul took a left turn on his journey to the Republican nomination, and now his hopes seem to be headed south...

 His candidacy has so far failed to ignite — and, indeed, he seems to be fading as a force within the party.

The most recent national poll, by Fox News, has Paul in sixth place, with 7 percent, trailing Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio. Paul averages only about half the support he had late in 2013. Paul doesn’t appear to be winning over young voters — perhaps the most important justification for his candidacy — and does not do better than other Republicans, according to a survey released last month by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. Even in his home state, a media consortium poll this month found that Paul had lost his lead in a theoretical matchup with Clinton.

Paul’s declining standing can be felt in Washington. Last week, he attempted to reprise his wildly successful 2013 filibuster, which caught fire on social media and forced party leaders to take notice. But this time Paul found indifference...
And for good measure, Milbank quotes, neocon by birth, Bill Kristol:
“Rand Paul has now decided he wants to be a liberal Democrat."
Hey didn't Kristol see this?

Rand tells us in his new book that:
You’ll find I’m a tree hugger, literally . . . I’m a Republican who wants clean air, clean water, and the life-extending miracle of electricity. 
Thus, it must pain him that he emitted so much carbon on his trip to the 51st state, only to continue to get dissed by the Son of Irving via Skull and Bones member Milbank.



  1. I'm guessing Ron never kissed the Israeli ring.

  2. Rand Paul is the political Edsel of 2015, and ill executed product, designed to be sold to an ill defined market, that almost destroyed it's parents as the country entered a recession.

  3. If Zionist Jews like Kristol, Milbank, Krauthammer don't want Rand, then Rand is the one you want. Rand will catch fire once interest rates start to rise this fall and the UST Bond market start to explode. Talking about the unsustainable debt will be right in Rands wheelhouse.

    1. Not if Rand continues to pander to them, even as they disrespect him. He is weak and without principles.

    2. Ouch.

      Will be interesting to see if Rand gets even half as many delegates as his father.

      Too bad he wasn't principled. Hey, wasn't the whole reason for the sellout to get more votes? Too bad he hired Benton instead of Wenzel, he might have actually won and done it the right way.

    3. Why this makes me think of Briar Rabbit and Princess Bride? Oh, my head hurts.

  4. Anyone who is not for war all the time every where is a flop with these people, we already knew this. Should Rand become more of a hawk? What's your point Wenzel? Can you tell of us any Rand supporters who thought he would get the support of Kristol et al?

  5. I really would like to like Rand but he keeps getting in the way.

  6. Rand's speech announcing his candidacy was so mainstream Republican I was shocked. Enterprise zones and making taxes more efficient, blah, blah, blah.

  7. Randy needed a bigger yarmulke to cover that uncombed mop of hair. He should have taken along a proper hat so he wouldn't look like a rube.