Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rand Paul: "“The Ziggy Marley of Libertarianism."

Ed Dean reports from Florida:

When Rand Paul announced his presidential bid last month, the talking heads described him as the “more Libertarian candidate” of all the Republicans running in the 2016 primary. Many people say Rand Paul is very much like his father Ron Paul and would continue to represents the Libertarian view.

But not all Florida Libertarians agree with that assumption. In fact, several among the Florida Libertarian leadership say they are not impressed with Paul the Younger.

A 2014 Florida Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie is one of those who isn’t a big fan of Rand Paul. Wyllie calls him “the Ziggy Marley of Libertarianism. He may kinda sound like his dad once in a while, but his tunes fail to inspire.

Wyllie also believes Rand Paul is too willing to compromise core principles for political expediency. “Many of Rand's supporters are telling me he is just "playing the political game" in order to be elected,” says Wyllie.

Another Florida Libertarian who has been critical of Paul is Alex Snitker. Snitker was the Libertarian candidate in 2010 for the Florida U.S. Senate.

In March, Snitker wrote an article on the website The Global Dispatch, claiming Rand Paul is not a Libertarian. “Rand Paul does not agree with the party on civil liberties. He has been inconsistent in his foreign policy and his “playing the game” gives me reason to have a mistrust for him,” said Snitker.

Ziggy Marley kind of Aqua Buddish (but more libertarian):

  (ht Jay Stephenson)

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